Retirement & Living: Jaco Beach Real Estate Market 2016


Costa Rica’s three biggest retirement areas are the Central Valley, the Gold Coast (Guanacaste), and the central Pacific. The most developed coastal town in Costa Rica is Jaco Beach, and while Jaco attracts everyone from international business people, to vacationing families to backpackers and surfers, the fastest growing demographic is retirees and soon-to-be-retired babyboomers. Called one of the most “bio-intense ... Read More »

Retire in Costa Rica: Central Pacific


Living abroad has become an increasingly popular option for retirees looking for a change of scenery, a unique cultural experience, access to affordable healthcare, lower cost of living, and great weather. Costa Rica has become one of Latin Americas top retirement destinations. Those that retire in Costa Rica enjoy a world class service industry, an affordable tropical lifestyle, and eco ... Read More »

Tips for a Successfully Retiring in Costa Rica


Costa Rica has been a major retirement destination for North Americans for over 25 years now. The majority of expats who have found happiness in their Costa Rica retirement dream have had to learn how to adjust and adapt to Costa Rica’s “Pura Vida” lifestyle. Those that have found happiness retiring in Costa Rica take advantage of everything the country ... Read More »

Jaco Beach Vacation Paradise


Prior to 2010, getting to Jaco Beach was a bit of a challenge having to take a narrow winding mountain road from high in the Central Valley down to the Central Pacific lowlands. Since then a massive infrastructure investment opened up access on a number of major routes including the new Caldera highway which has opened access to Jaco from ... Read More »

Baby Boomers Love Jaco Beach Costa Rica


Looking at the demographics and trends of the baby boomer population, Costa Rica can expect to see a continued exodus of North Americas, looking to secure their piece of a tropical dream for their Golden Years, till well past 2020. Costa Rica has built a sexy brand as well as a great retirement brand that has drawn many foreigners here ... Read More »

Financing Costa Rica Real Estate


Before the year 2000 it was difficult for foreigner to obtain financing for real estate in Costa Rica, unless the owner financed. As well, it has only been a few years, have been allowed to take out home mortgages at Costa Rica banking institutions. This didn’t slow property sales as foreign buyers generally arrive here in Costa Rica ready with ... Read More »

Jaco Beach Real Estate Tours


If you are ready to live, work or play in a tropical paradise and are visiting Costa Rica on vacation, consider taking a real estate tour to gain firsthand knowledge of the real estate market in Costa Rica as well as other important information on living in Pura Vida land. Jaco Beach real estate tours are a great way to ... Read More »

The Best of Jaco Beach Real Estate


The stretch of coast from 10 minutes north of Jaco Beach at Los Suenos and Herradura to about 10 minutes south of Jaco Beach at Playa Bejuco and Esterillos has one of Costa Rica’s highest expat populations outside of San Jose. The region continues to attract expats and investors alike. The Jaco Beach real estate market as reported in our ... Read More »

Jaco Beach Gearing Up for Another Dry Season

Jaco Beach enjoys spectacular sunsets every evening during the dry season

November 15th marks the arrival of the dry season in Jaco Beach, one of Costa Rica’s primary destinations of choice for travel, living and ‘fun in the sun’. The National Institute of Meteorology (IMN) has stated that the rain season is officially over and that the Central Pacific can expect excellent weather for next five months. As typical this time ... Read More »

Jaco Real Estate Report 2015: Stable Prices & Higher Foreign Demand


In Costa Rica, where there is no ‘official’ statistical database for the real estate industry, assessing the numerics of house prices and real sales stats is tenuous at best, however with a strong network real estate agency and organization connections and with the assistance of surveys and polls from media companies the trend is clear. We are fortunate to have ... Read More »

Costa Rica Retirement