Jaco Real Estate Report 2015: Stable Prices & Higher Foreign Demand


In Costa Rica, where there is no ‘official’ statistical database for the real estate industry, assessing the numerics of house prices and real sales stats is tenuous at best, however with a strong network real estate agency and organization connections and with the assistance of surveys and polls from media companies the trend is clear. We are fortunate to have ... Read More »

Buying Jaco Beach Real Estate


Buying Jaco Beach real estate can be very intimidating primarily due to the buyers’ lack of knowledge in the countries real estate regulations and laws, and as well the language barrier. We spoke with Jeff Fisher from CR Beach Real Estate who, with over 15 years selling real estate, has helped 100’s people acquire their tropical dream property. Based on ... Read More »

Jaco Beach Condo Lifestyle


Jaco Beach has been Costa Rica’s busiest real estate market since the late 1990’s and today there is still and ongoing demand for the ocean side condo lifestyle. Retirees and investors are looking for more than just a Jaco Beach condo they are looking for lifestyle. Resort-type living attracts buyers that are looking for stylish and luxurious condo units that ... Read More »

Costa Rica Retirement Communities on the Central Pacific


Most people seeking a Costa Rica retirement settle somewhere on the Pacific coast or in the Central Valley or the more rural areas surrounding the Valley; these are two lifestyles and the main weather conditions in Costa Rica. The Valley is perpetual spring-like weather with an urban or mountain rural lifestyles, and the coast is a lifestyle of beachcombing, Sun, ... Read More »

Doing Business in Jaco Beach Costa Rica


Business opportunities abound in Jaco Beach. As the primary business hub of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific, Jaco Beach is a flurry of business activity. The travel tour industry was essential started on the Central Pacific so this region most certainly has the best infrastructure of the coastal towns and cities in Costa Rica. There is no shortage of business ideas ... Read More »

Living in Jaco Beach


You tend to get up early in Jaco, often you hear people say they used to sleep in but here they get with the sun, I think it’s the just the energy of the place. The horseshoe shaped bay seems to enhance and project the sound of the ocean so no matter where you live in Jaco Beach you can ... Read More »

Retiring in Costa Rica


Retiring in Costa Rica Like so many others, if you are getting ready for retirement you should consider Retiring in Costa Rica. More and more North Americans are seeing Costa Rica as a good option for their golden years, and for very good reasons. Costa Rica is a small country of 4.6 million people located between Nicaragua to the north, Panama ... Read More »

Costa Rica Retirement